Safety Environmental Management System (SEMS)

Knight Oil Tools International has integrated the Safety Environmental Management System (SEMS) into the company's Quality Management System. The SEMS program was instituted by the Bureau of Ocean Energy Management Regulation and Enforcement (BOEMRE) after the Macondo well oil spill and applies to all companies operating on the Outer Continent Shelf of the Gulf of Mexico.

SEMS is a "stand alone” system that combines a variety of offshore operating programs into a single, integrated, flexible, always-improving management program. SEMS specifies how to operate and maintain facility equipment; identify and mitigate safety and environmental hazards; change operating equipment, specify processes and personnel; respond to and investigate accidents, specify upsets and near misses; purchase equipment and supplies; work with contractors; train personnel; and audit compliance of BOEMRE Regulations.

Objectives of the SEMS program are to eliminate unsafe behavior; establish more flexible, performance-based regulations; promote continuous improvement in safety and pollution prevention; and foster responsible industry-government partnerships.

Knight Oil Tools International maintains an extensive inventory of high-quality products for safe, efficient and productive oilfield projects.



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