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Vendor Information - 8/9/2017 -

Dear Valued Business Partner:

Today Knight Oil Tools and its relevant subsidiaries have entered into an Agreement to substantially reduce our debt and strengthen Knightís financial condition to position the Company for long-term growth and success. Knight is not going out of business or doing anything else that would reduce the likelihood of the Companyís future success.

We believe Knight has sufficient liquidity on hand as of August 8, 2017 and intends to pay vendors in full for goods and services provided on or after the filing date of August 8, 2017.

Looking ahead, here is what you need to know:

  • Knight is open for business, committed to maintaining safe and efficient operations, and will still need the products and services you supply.
  • If you have outstanding amounts owed to you for goods and services provided prior to the filing date of August 8, 2017, you are eligible to file a proof of claim for these unpaid amounts. Please visit our claim agentís website for information on filing a proof of claim.
  • We expect our go-forward relationship to be business as usual.


We greatly value our partnership with you and think it makes good sense for us to continue working together. Should you require additional information, please direct all correspondence to


Knight Management Team


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