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The news and events section is intended to be a resource for customers and vendors, as well as business and trade journalists that may be covering Knight Oil Tools news and events.

Press Releases
8/9/2017   Knight Energy Holdings and Affiliates Enter into Restructuring Support Agreement in Conjunction with Financial Restructuring
For Vendor and Customer information, please go to our Restructuring Information section.
Knight Oil Tools Newsletters
7/1/2014 View FileA Long History of Support For Scouting in Louisiana
7/29/2014 View FileKnight Oil Tools Expands Williston Facility
8/27/2014 View FileKnight Oil Tools International's Colombia Operations Pick Up Steam
9/25/2014 View FileQHSE Update
10/29/2014View FileKnight Oil Tools Moves into Colorado
11/28/2014View FileNew Management Team Named in Asia-Pacific Region
1/21/2015 View FileKOT Appoints Earl J. Blackwell New President and Chief Executive Officer
2/25/2015 View FileKnight Oil Tools Announces New Executive Management Team
3/24/2015 View FileKnight Oil Tools Once Again Posts Industry-Leading Safety Record
4/17/2015 View FileTo Our Valued Community
6/16/2015 View FileKnight Oil Tools Introduces a Better Way to Handle Pipe
7/30/2015 View FileKnight Oil Tools Names Steven Langlinais Vice President of QHSE
8/25/2015 View FileKnight Oil Tools Megaton Impact Tools Are Proven Performers
9/29/2015 View FileRickey Tauzin Named Executive Vice President of Sales
12/9/2015 View FileKnight Manufacturing Conforms to New API Specification



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