Rental Tool Services Product Highlights
Megaton® Drilling Jar with Ulti-Torq™ Connection and Megaton® Energizer
Advantages and Benefits
  • Mechanical locking device eliminates need for safety clamp
  • Can be racked back in the derrick in any position without danger of firing
  • Operates in high-torque environments
  • Operates in HPHT environments up to 450°F with proper seals installed
  • Can be run in compression or tension
  • Fully interchangeable upper and lower connectors to accommodate various connection sizes
  • High-stress areas optimized to ensure balance with regard to bend stiffness/stress ratios
  • Ulti-Torq high-torque, double shoulder connections
Megaton Drilling Jar Features
  • Involute spline drive section provides option for full-torque transmission while jarring
  • High-strength steel developed to Knight Oil Tools’ specifications
  • Tool BSR designed to ensure even stress distribution across length of tool
  • Low-friction seals
  • High-temperature seal packs available
  • Two-stage Energizer ensures high impact in horizontal wellbores
  • Valve design includes unique jet to provide improved filtering of hydraulic fluid and ensure constant delay times
  • Manufactured to API Q1 Standards
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Pipe Safety Basket

Knight Oil Tools Manufacturing's pipe safety baskets offer safe and secure transportation of valuable oil industry drill stem components. Our pipe safety baskets may be stacked two high and are proof full load tested to 55,000 lbs or 2.5x maximum weight limit.
Quality & Safety
  • Engineered for maximum durability and safety
  • Significant savings in dockside and location handling expenses
  • All manufacturing performed by certified welders

Performance & Value
  • Offers a protective enclosure - reducing shipping damages
  • Significant savings in dockside and location handling expenses
  • Designed for single line lift on offshore locations
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