Fishing Services Product Highlight
X-Junction™ System
Using Knight Oil Tools' X-Junction System, it's possible to tie back the liner in a lateral well that has fallen a significant distance from the main well bore and cover a non-lined, unprotected open hole regardless of which company cut the window.

Features & Benefits
  • Ease of use through self alignment
  • Secure using hydraulic packers and hangers
  • Designed to easily frac a well with a PBR
  • Works with any window
  • Can be tied back to existing drop off liner
  • Can complete 2 laterals per well bore
  • Extends liner to total depth
  • Torque to the junction equal to the liner connections possible
  • Does not hang in your window
  • Hydraulic anchors and complete system are retrievable
  • Can be used with any whipstock and re-attach to any liner
  • With rig assist, all cleanout is motor and coiled tubing friendly
  • Full gauge equipment can be run to clean out liner or sump
  • Re-perforating with Tubing Conveyed Perforating is possible

X-1 Whipstock
The Knight Oil Tools X-1 Whipstock comes in a stiffback concave and anchor that can be configured to exit multi-lateral as well as single exits. The X-Slide come standard in 1.5, 1.9, 2.4 or 3 degree concaves.

The X-1 Slide design proves advantageous with our "Armor Cutter" mill design as it allows maximum cutting speed during the casing exit. The stiffback style also lets us exit the hole at any angle or direction—even low side exits.



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