Quality Statement
Knight Oil Tools has established and implemented a unified Quality Management System (QMS), which empowers all employees to improve communications and take responsibility for all process and reporting mechanisms. QMS will achieve a real-time measurement system to upgrade and evaluate overall efficiency and effectiveness of all work processes. The system will eliminate guess work from the equation, giving Knight Oil Tools a clear-cut superiority in the management of our company. This Quality Management System will add value by defining the direction of Knight Oil Tools in the market place and benchmarking the most successful business models.
To continually improve Knight Oil Tools and its operations, we will:
  • Create and develop advanced technologies to provide outstanding products and services to fulfill the needs of Knight Oil Tools' internal and external clients.
  • Foster a corporate culture that enhances individual creativity, leadership, effective communications, teamwork, value and trust.
  • Pursue growth in harmony with the global community through innovative management.
  • Promote a work environment in which every Knight Oil Tools employee can work in unison and harmony and fulfill their duties with integrity.
  • Fully utilize the abilities and capabilities of all Knight Oil Tools employees to continually improve the business performance of the company.



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