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Shop Hand
This position is: Full Time
Position Location: Williston, ND


General Duties: †Maintaining equipment, tools, etc., shipping and receiving of equipment and tools; storing equipment in the proper areas in the store; maintaining and operating of forklifts and cranes in the workplace; maintaining a safe, neat and orderly store location.

Cleaning and Checking Tools and Equipment: dismantle and reassemble tools and equipment prior to and following a job to check the general condition of the equipment and parts with quality as a priority. Advise the Shop Foreman, Dispatcher and/or Store Manager of any damaged tools, equipment, or parts. Assist co-technicians as needed or instructed.

Filling Orders: †Remove tools and equipment from stock areas as directed by the immediate supervisor, Shop Foreman, Dispatcher, or Store Manager. Record full description with serial number of any and all equipment prior to shipment from location or shop.

Inventory: Advising the shop foreman, dispatcher or store manager of any expendable supplies, tools, parts or equipment needed to maintain an adequate inventory to perform the duties expected of a technician.

Sales/Service: Answering the telephone, when required to assist customers on location.††††††††††††† . Delivering material to customerís locations as required by the immediate supervisor, dispatcher or

Store Manager. All personnel with Knight Oil Tools shall present a positive attitude.


Paper Work: Assisting the immediate supervisor, shop foreman, dispatcher and store manager in their †††paper work procedures whenever possible. Follow any and all work procedures and equipment procedures as set forth by KOT.

Training: The Equipment technician must be available and open for training for future growth, development and advancement within the company. When training is received the equipment technician has proven and perfected his/her skills, advancement to levels that are available within the company may be achievable. Job placement is based on job requirements and job availability. Experience and training received in the position is a prerequisite to any advancement in the future.

Communication: It is the Equipment Technicianís duty to establish communication with the respective supervisors and dispatchers in certain situations pertaining to the condition of all equipment and tools. Maintain a pro-active type of communication to better serve our company and our customers.

Information: It is the equipment technicianís responsibility to advise Knight Management of any pertinent information that might affect our operations, sales effort, the industry, or the overall welfare of the company.

Authority: - The Equipment Technician is authorized to take any responsible action necessary to carry out the responsibilities assigned to him as long as such action does not deviate from established company policies, is consistent with sound business judgment and good ethics, is safe to all

†††††††††††††††† employees and visitors and adheres to the directives of our company.


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