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This position is: Full Time
Position Location: Odessa, TX

Basic Functions

Responsible for accumulating and dispatching the necessary equipment/pipe job orders with regards to quality, safety, and specified time frames for shipping and receiving. Also involved in daily operations of the store and the supervision of personnel, to ensure the paperwork flows correctly and in a timely manner, to communicate with customers to make sure orders are accurately received and completely filled, that customers needs are understood and met, to supervise or manage daily operational duties of equipment/pipe/shop personnel, to assure that adequate and proper equipment is available and ready for use according to pending job orders, maintain a safe and clean service location, to exercise discretion and independent judgment, directly related to the business operations of KNIGHT for the benefit of the customers.

Responsible to the Store Manager, Regional Coordinator, and Operations Manager. Will supervise all shop/yard personnel.

Duties and Responsibilities

  • Safety – All KOT personnel are responsible for working safely and maintaining a safe work environment. Ensures that all store personnel have the proper PPE. Ensures that all equipment/pipe/shop personnel are aware of and make use of MSDS and safety notices. Attend and assist the store manager in conducting safety meetings at the location.
  • Office Location – assist store manager in overseeing buildings, grounds, equipment/tubulars, vehicles, and forklifts. All of the above must be maintained in an operable, neat and orderly manner.
  • Paperwork – responsible for all paperwork flow in accordance with outlined procedures
  • Inventory – responsible for shipping and receiving of inventory in the store and between locations. Responsible for creating the necessary paperwork during the shipping and receiving process. Must also meet the requirements of customers by coordinating inventory needed to complete job orders. Responsible for maintaining traceability of the inventory in question until it departs KOT and when inventory is received in each particular location. This is not limited to shipping and receiving.
  • Training and Motivation – responsible for their own "attitude” when communication job requirements and instructing and managing pipe/shop/equipment employees. Maintain a positive attitude and comply with company policies and ethics.
  • Supervision – responsible for managing, supervising, and evaluating pipe/shop/equipment employees and provide assistance in the maintenance of all KNIGHT equipment and to ensure good working conditions at all times. Take time to work with all team members to enhance their work experience and to enhance the value of the company.
  • Communication – responsible for establishing communications with the Store Manager, Regional Coordinator, Sales personnel, and all other departments and to advice KOT management personnel when difficulties arise.
  • Authority – authorized to use discretion and independent judgment to take responsible actions necessary to carry out the responsibilities assigned as long as such actions are consistent with sound business judgment and good ethics, and adhere to company policy.
  • Work Schedule – work schedules will be determined by the Store Manager which may include working after hours and will generally include a scheduled weekend rotation.


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